So I finally launched today – an occasion many years in the making.  I am currently setting up a new place here in Austin, which means for the first time in ages I can set up easels and stations for painting again.  I’ve never been much of a painter – I feel I’m a bit color-handicapped – but it’s something I’m trying to devote more time to, because colors can be very good therapy, for someone who tends to see the world in lines and shades of grey.  So those of you out there paying any attention can hopefully expect to see some new paintings posted here soon.



This website has been a work not-in-progress for quite some time now – probably over ten years – with numerous friends and associates telling me I ought to put something up for my artwork.  And all those times I agreed with them all, one-hundred percent.  However some inner aversion I cannot account for has always stopped me – indeed I can feel it right now, something telling me not to make a website. As you see, I am ignoring it.

In any case, if someone else other than myself is reading this then it means I finally got around to publishing.  Hopefully the cause of the aversion will one day be identified and overcome all together, that I might finally take my place among the ranks of all those many visual artists who showcase their work on the World Wide Web.

In any case, I must thank my friend Kelsey Wickliffe for helping me with the site and teaching me about the Word Presser – the thing that cascades the style sheets together to make web pages happen.  I admit, it’s been a challenge for me to complete the task that would take the average middle-school student ten minutes, but here’s to new beginnings.